Yvonne :  (Yvonne the White Swan)

Yvonne attended a music workshop with Michael Moon at Unicamp and took Katie with her.  From this the idea was born to bring as many of Katie’s friends here as possible as we both felt this would be magical. Yvonne is a certified yoga teacher and also sits on the Board of Directors of the Down Syndrome Association of Toronto.  She has spent a great deal of time coordinating programming for adults with alternate abilities.  She is dedicating the majority of her efforts, these days,  to developing quality and creative platforms to support her friends with different abilities reach their individual goals.

Yvonne asks herself…

“if I had different abilities, which I do, what kind of ways would I feel supported  to contribute and expand my gifts to the community and how can I contribute to enhancing the quality of what is currently available”

At the end of a yoga class you may hear the teacher say “Namaste” which means,

the light in my heart honours and respects the light in your heart”

This saying is so powerful because it is a direct link to the inner workings of every being.  It totally bypasses the external shell, or the way the person looks, or acts like, and focuses on that person’s divine essence.






Lauren : (Lola)

In 2016, Lauren, who attended university in BC, came to Toronto and dedicated a good chunk of her summer to help Yvonne set up this initiative.  She is a certified lifeguard and has a sister, Katie, who is one of her greatest teachers. Lauren leans about qualities like authenticity and unconditional love, from Katie, which are two very important virtues in great need  right now to benefit the state of this planet and to re-shape how we deal with others.  We are hoping Lauren is able to return for the summer of 2017.


Aida :  (Gypsy)

Aida is Lauren and Katie’s mom and has been “rallying the troops” and filling all the gaps for us. Aida is highly devoted to this project and is busy giving us loads of support behind the scenes.  She is our ‘Finisher” making sure the details are taken care of.

Aida’s family has been a driving force behind this project, as her husband, Tony, helps us profoundly,  with fundraising and their son, Chris, was involved with our transportation needs. They have graciously offered their home to host many of the gatherings and Director’s meetings, to date.

One of the biggest lessons Aida has learned from her daughter, Katie, is “non-judgement”.   Being open to the lessons of non-judgement makes her life feel much lighter.

Katie and Lily

Lily: (Lily Pad)

Lily heard about what we were doing and didn’t think twice.  Then, slowly, the doubt set in as she really didn’t know what to expect or what, exactly, she got herself into.  It was a case of leap first, think second. She ended up coming on board a week before the camp in 2016.  Universe took it’s sweet time finding her for us.  It turned out she was well known and loved by Yvonne’s network of friends.  And she will tell you that it turned out to be one of the best decisions she ever made. She had her world “map shifted” by the experience.  Since then, she has  given up her day job and is immersing herself into supporting people with alternate abilities and is totally loving it!  It brings her so much joy and personal growth.  She is a great support to Camp Diversability with her admin and writing skills.  She is a beloved addition to our team and our campers/Directors absolutely adore her!

Katie (Red Rocket)

Katie has been the inspiration for this initiative and is showing us all how to ride the rocket of bliss for as long as possible and is showing us how to anchor ourselves in the moment.

Love you to the moon, dear one!

Leadership Camp for Adults with Special Needs