About Us

Camp Diversability is a week long,  adult, sleep-away, leadership development opportunity for adults with alternate abilities  in Mulmur, Ontario.

August 8 – 13, 2017


This project is being brought forward by a 100% volunteer effort.


The concept of this week long endeavour is for caring members of our community to band together to create a “circle” environment where everyone has a chance to add their voice to shape the outcome.   “Circle”  is a method that First Nations tribes, in most countries use to allow everyone’s voice to be heard.

We are super excited to find out what we will learn, from each other, during this camp.

This presents a unique challenge, to present programming which challenges and lifts the top limit of leadership skills in each participant but also allow space to let the magic bubble out of the moment and allow time to play with what is coming up.  This is where we discovered the magic happening.

We really don’t like to use labels but in order to communicate this idea we will use “normal or typical” and “special needs or alternately abled”.

We will use “Normal”  to describe those who are not visibly different.

Lets face it, we are now in a time when we are starting to really look at the logic and belief systems of our society and culture.  We, as a human race,  are starting to wake up to all the ways we have been in a vibrational match to limitation, lack and exclusion.

As we ask ourselves what is “normal” we find the truth to this question is that there really is no normal.

We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses.

We all have unique gifts and specific challenges.

If you are working on personal growth, you may take a trip to India, perhaps, and look for a teacher/guru to help you in your search for peace, enlightenment, or to find deeper meaning to your life.  You would expect this guru to have special skills, knowledge or gifts, in that area, to support you in your search.  We feel there is a guru in each and every one of us.   We would not expect this guru to be skilled in business or architecture or anything else, although he or she very well could be.

Everyone has something to teach or share.

We have been noticing that the scales tip greatly, in our community members with alternate abilities, toward being more heart centred than head centred.  This is where we are noticing many of their gifts residing.

We have learned that our community members with “alternate abilities” have so much to share and even teach us “normal” individuals who spend so much time in our heads.  Because we spend so much time there, many of us experience a plethora of mind related imbalances.

Many of these amazing alternately abled individuals do the world a great service by spending a great majority of their time expanding unconditional love into our universe.  This has the capacity to restore balance to the state the world is currently in, expecially on and energetic level which is a subject that most of our culture pays little attention to but affects every aspect of our lives.

We have been open to receive this awareness and are here to support this, in any way we can.


This project is an opportunity to look at the line between visible and not-so-visible differences and dream up ways, together, to bridge the gap so EVERYONE, who wants, has a platform to share their gifts with the greater community.

We have been graced with a  welcoming community and location in Mulmur, Ontario.  Unicamp is quite a spectacular thriving, off grid, eco community, set deep in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Forest, with Bruce Trails and natural cave formations which offers us so much to explore and connect with.

Our deepest gratitude to Unicamp of Ontario, www.unicampofontario.ca, for their amazing support and their faith in us.



If you feel that this initiative is something that is dear to you,

We are looking to fill these specific roles:

  • Male Mentors (Junior and Senior)
  • Female Mentors (Junior and Senior)
  • Lifeguard
  • Workshop leaders
  • Fundraising
  • Corporate Donations
  • Administration Support

Note -Details on some of these roles will be posted under the “Volunteers” link if you do not see what you need, please feel free to contact us.



If you are moved to connect with us, please email us at:


You can also see last years photos at: Facebook : Camp Diversability





Leadership Camp for Adults with Special Needs