If you feel that this initiative is something that is dear to you,

We are looking to fill these specific roles:

  • Male Mentors (Junior and Senior)
  • Female Mentors (Junior and Senior)
  • Lifeguard
  • Workshop Leaders (do you have a skill you would like to teach, ie: energy medicine, music sounding, nature teach and treck, leadership experience etc.  You can come up for a morning or afternoon and present.  Or maybe you have other opportunities you would like to discuss with our team )
  • Fundraising
  • Corporate Donations
  • Administration (this area is very heavy and we can use help in many areas of fulfilling our Directors decisions)
  • Donate boardroom access in Midtown Toronto area for Directors meetings

CDA-Mentorship Posting/Requirements

CDA-Volunteer Application

If you would like to volunteer, on location, at our camp, above, in the green link, is your volunteer application.

If you would like to support in any other way, please contact us at:


Thank you,

Camp Diversability Team



Leadership Camp for Adults with Special Needs