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2016 Camp a Huge Success!!!!!


Spelunking in caves


Strong friendships were made.


We are so proud to be able to tell you that 2016 Camp Diversability project was a very successful, week long, sleep away, leadership event!! Many of our adult campers were away from home for the very first time and handled it so well.







Unicamp is located in the Onesco World Biosphere Forest, which hosts amazing caves that we got to explore as well as the Bruce Trail!!!

We learned leadership development, made  amazing friendships, performed in a talent show, had drumming sessions, swimming, canoeing, arts, crafts, dancing, music making, singing,  and much more.

This opportunity gave our campers time to connect with each other and find their collective voice as well as the chance to teach and learn from each other.  They tuned into  the many valuable gifts they have to offer and the Unicamp population were a very receptive audience.

Many magical memories were created and the joy continues as the campers are now Directors and meet every month or so to collectively make decisions on what their vision is for the 2017 season.  We have seen some very profound excitement from our new Directors as they embrace their new roll with exuberance and bliss.

They tell us they are elated to be listened to and to be respected for their creativity and contribution.

This camp will take an organic direction as the Directors weave and wind their way through the decision making process.

We also work very hard and place prime importance on having all the safety procedures in place such as Police Volunteer Screenings on all support personnel, we have a certified lifeguard, and low camper to support ratio (1 support person to 2 campers).  We work closely with and abide by the guidelines of the Ontario Camper’s Association regarding physical and abuse protection.

We have received amazing private and corporate financial support, these great people have spoken with their dollars and shown us that they are behind us. Without this powerful support, this venture would not have been possible.  Words can not express how deeply grateful we all are!

More spaces are booked for this year and the Directors and team would like to share this wonderful experience with more campers.

2017 Camp Diversability is

August 8 – 13,  2017


Don’t wait too long if you would like to join us as the spaces will go fast.  Contact us at:


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